ASCLS-Kansas is committed to enhancing the visibility of laboratorians and their causes across the state of Kansas. Through educational efforts and community outreach, we engage the public and raise awareness of the necessity for, and the benefits of, clinical laboratory occupations. By consulting and lobbying our local, state, and national representatives of Kansas, we hope to affect change that improves the work of laboratorians, for laboratorians; and more importantly, to increase the accuracy, availability, efficacy, timeliness, quality, and safety of patient care.

If you have an interest in raising awareness for laboratory causes, or have a cause, yourself, that you believe warrants more attention, please feel free to contact us!

Promotion of the Profession Committee

The Promotion of the Profession Committee (PPC) engages in activities that share and celebrate the clinical laboratory. Members of the committee visit Kansas students to participate in career exploration fairs. They hold informational sessions and answer questions from the curious. The PPC also plans events and fundraisers to bring our clinical laboratory community together and to support bourgeoning, developing and ascending clinical laboratory professionals.

Government Affairs Committee

Working in concert with the regional and national organizations of ASCLS, the ASCLS-Kansas Government Affairs Committee (GAC) advocates on the behalf of Kansas laboratorians and seeks legislative solutions to problems facing our clinical laboratories, our workforce, and our patients. The GAC organizes every year for the Legislative Symposium, where members of ASCLS-Kansas go to Washington D.C. to lobby our Kansas Senators and Representatives regarding pressing issues that concern the clinical laboratory. The GAC also works locally to ensure that clinical laboratories present a sustained effort for the causes we value most.

As laboratorians and constituents of the elected government officials of Kansas, your voice is important. Your concerns for yourself, your livelihood, and your patients is compelling. Your U.S. Senators or Representative needs to hear it, your Governor needs to hear it, your Kansas State Senator or Representative needs to hear it. Help us tell your story, your laboratories’ story. Contact us today.